Friday, 28 November 2014

More Than Anything You Could Ever Imagine

Leading into Wrestlemania X-7 Stone Cold Steve Austin would utter the words "You've got the WWF title, and I want it. I need to beat you Rock, I need it more than anything you could ever imagine." in a promo with The People's Champion. It showcased the intensity and sheer desire Austin had in winning the belt. It's literally all that mattered to him at the cost of everything else. The following match is considered to be one of the greatest in wrestling history, and in one short promo and one glare from Austin in this segment he sold the story of how badly he needed to win. Sami Zayn is showcasing that same force of will leading into his "Road to Redemption" on NXT and on last Thursday's show he had his "I need it more than anything you could ever imagine" moment and his greatest promo to date when calling out current champion Adrian Neville.

"You have nothing left to prove." - Adrian Neville

"You don't need to tell me what I need to prove and what I don't need to prove,
because the proof is in the pudding, and it's on your shoulder right now, and the fact that you are nxt champion and I am don't need to tell me what I need to prove. This is my life and I am living it. and if I can't beat you for that then I don't need to be here." - Sami Zayn

These are words you'd hear any performer say when discussing their status and career in relation to something major (Michaels did it against Taker leading into WM26 for example), but what makes these words pop are the way they're delivered by the performer. Sami Zayn has always been a more subdued speaker on the microphone, but Neville pinched a nerve last week when he said Zayn has nothing left to prove. He blew up in front of Neville. He raised his voice, opened his eyes and showed through his facial reactions that he this title means everything to him. Neville doesn't have the same demeanor of Zayn so he doesn't understand how this one thing could mean everything to him that he'd risk his entire career, he's more calculated than Sami, less reckless. It also calls back to him putting all of his heart and soul into just winning Cesaro's respect back in January. Zayn is the most confident ring performer on North American shores in selling the emotions of a match, but he often hasn't opened up that level of craftsmanship in his promo work. However, when he told Neville exactly why he needed this title more than anything, that he had to prove himself, he recalled Austin, and finally brought his microphone skills up to the level of his in ring facial and body work.

The look that I love specifically is the reaction in his eyes after he finishes the above thought. He just stares at Neville with the same covetous desire to be champion of Austin in X-7. The stakes are so much smaller due to the difference in WWE and NXT, but it's the same principle. One man willing to do anything to reach his goal. For Zayn it's to prove himself and win the title, and due to his convictions I don't believe he'd ever dip into Austin or Neville's playbook for that belt, but this look,and those eyes make me think he's a man possessed . A man who would tear him self apart just to be called the best, and we'll find out on December 11th if he really can overcome those past hang ups and win the big one.I think he will, because he has nothing left.

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