Friday, 2 January 2015

50 Best Matches in WWE/NXT- #49- Elimination Chamber match

I don't like Eric Bischoff in the slightest, but I've always been a fan of the Elimination Chamber match. It's not always stocked with the greatest wrestlers but eliminations make for easier drama, and allows for wrestling to be more consistently engaging, because with six guys there is hardly any stoppage in action. I'm honestly sad to see it go in 2015, but if this is the last Elimination Chamber match for a while they went out on a pretty good one. It's marred by iffy booking towards the end, but that was a trend throughout all of WWE in 2014.

The biggest reason why the Chamber match is featured on my list is the work of Sheamus and Cesaro who basically do all the heavy lifting in this match (Christian really pulls his weight too). Sheamus and Cesaro just maul each other, using the cage and chambers to their advantage. The trio of uppercutting mad men is one of my favourite moments in the match as Sheamus, Bryan and Cesaro all start using European Uppercuts shortly after Bryan comes in and the match slows down. The European Uppercut is a hell of a move and all three men put a good deal of force behind it, creating a feeling that this move is doing real damage. Some other little things I love in this match are Bryan sneaking in and hitting a German Suplex on Cena midway through an AA, Sheamus Brogue Kicking the Chamber as Orton plays up the cowardly heel, and Christian wriggling his way up the cage as often as possible. Not enough was spoken of Christian's solid in ring work before he got hurt, but in my own budding fandom in the early parts of 2014 he was a joy to watch on many occasions. He knew his strengths in this match would be to let the other wrestlers obliterate themselves so he waited for his spots. That's how he eliminated Sheamus.

It's really fucking great for a while, but as I mentioned above it wouldn't be 2014 without some shitty booking. Cesaro weakly tapping out to the STF is a low point of the match, and wholly uncharacteristic of both what he was doing in this match and his personality as a wrestler. The Wyatt Family using magic to get inside the Chamber is also frustrating, and even more in hindsight as I consider Cena/Wyatt to be the worst feud of 2014 in WWE. They got it just right at the end though, and having Bryan lose here only intensified how badly everyone wanted to see him win at Mania. It also gave us these beautiful reaction shots. Wrestling is real.

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